Friday, January 28, 2011

Shakeology...Outta this world!!!

I'm sure that you have noticed that all the shakes and protein bars out there seem to taste like saw dust or those malted milk balls that everyone seems to hate around Halloween time.  They all claim that their's is better or they have exotic flavors such as mocha, peanut butter, or even cookies n' creme. Equals flavored saw dust!! That saw dust, chalky, grittiness you find in most all protein shakes is a filler to help bring down the cost of the shake.  You won't find that here.  This powder is similar to the consistency of powdered sugar. Are you looking for an amazing "after workout" drink that tastes amazing and is cheaper than some of your other favorite beverages?  Check this out!!
Dr. Catherine Hannan

#21 Dr. Catherine Hannan
Plastic Surgeon, Arlington, VA
"I think Shakeology, having such a low glycemic index is pretty amazing. When you taste it, you really think you're drinking a milkshake. You'd be surprised that there's not more simple sugar in there. I know there is a sweetener in there, an all-natural sweetener, which is great. To have that flavor, to have that almost kind of a guilty pleasure, and then realize it's such a low glycemic index, it's kind of surprising."
Dr. Marvin Slepian
#5 Dr. Marvin Slepian
Cardiologist, Tucson, AZ
"The reality is that the bulk of cardiovascular disease is really preventable. So if I had a product like Shakeology, which supplements the patient and stops them from taking unnecessary high-caloric foods, then that ultimately leads to weight loss for the patient, which is a good thing overall. You win on many levels."

Here is the link to the Shakeology's Website were you can see the break down of everything. Once on the web site you can click on the floating images which are the ingredients in the shake. You can also see what the doctor's are saying about Shakeology and see the science behind it.  

This chart shows you how Shakeology stacks up against its competitors.  As you can see, it is way ahead of the competition. With more bang for your buck, and NO fillers.

If you are interested in purchasing this "Outta this world" shake, click here and it will take you to the Shakeology website where you can choose one of two flavors. (I highly recommend the chocolate flavor.)  With it, you will receive a recipe card with 30 different flavor combinations.  You will also get your own Indepdndent Beach Boday Coach, who is there to help you with anything from new recipe ideas, to helping you with your weight loss goals. You may also contact me at any time by just leaving me comments here or on Twitter @RandyFit

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