Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Book Giveaway

Yeah I know these books are for GIRLS!! But what the heck I sure could use the support of Followers! So here you go!

Kristen James has kindly offered us an amazing giveaway. We can pick 6 winners yes not 1 or 2 but 5 WINNERS!!

You can learn more about Kristen on her blog, twitter, or Facebook.

The winners will get a verity of things from print books to e-books. Here is a list of the books she writes.

A Cowboy For Christmas
More Than Memories
Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion
The River People
A Miraculous Fate

1 WINNER - will choose 3 e-books from the above titles.
1 WINNER - will receive 1 print copy of the following titles A Cowboy For Christmas & The River People
1 WINNER - Will receive a print copy of A Cowboy For Christmas
1 WINNER - Will receive a print copy of The River People
1 WINNERS - Will receive 2 e-books of their choice from the above titles

How can I enter do you ask?
Just follow the below instructions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workout Schedule week of 8-1-11

Doing an intense workout schedule these days!  This is week #5, Insanity Core Cardio and Balance.  This is my recovery week, for next week is Phase 2 and Insanity takes me away in a straight-jacket!!!  :o)

In addition to Insanity, I have also started an intense "Bulk Up" workout regimen that I found on a body building website.  It breaks down every workout per day beautifully.  I'll post my workout schedule momentarily!!

Last but not least, I have started a 30/30/30 for 30 days Fitness Challenge!  What this means is you do 30 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, and 30 squats every day for 30 days in addition to your daily schedule and/or workouts!!  Rain, sleet, snow, in sickness and in health!!!


Monday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Upperbody category A, 30/30/30
Tuesday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Lowerbody category B, 30/30/30
Wednesday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Cardio X, Run 3 miles, 30/30/30
Thursday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Upperbody category B, 30/30/30
Friday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Lowerbody category B, 30/30/30
Saturday:  Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance, Plyo X, Run 3 miles, 30/30/30
Sunday:  Rest, Rest, and Rest!!!

Today is Cardio Day. so better get to the gettin'!!  Food requirements for today is 3015 calories including Shakeology and recovery Drink!  10 glasses of water!

I'll Post how things go!!!  <3 Love Life!!!