Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review of 52 things Kids need from a dad

52 things kids need from a dad: By Jay Payleitner
(What fathers can do to make a lifelong difference)

This was a phenomenal book.  The day I found this book, I was searching the internet for ways to try and be a better father.  I grew up in "not the best of situations" I guess you would say!  (Trying to be as positive and PC as possible here!)  I too can get frustrated with my boys and am trying to find the best ways to deal with this as well.  Also, when I think back on all the great father figures I've seen, they all have a certain set of rituals, traditions and routine that they do with their kids.  There must be something that I can do with my boys on a regular basis!  If this is you as well, then this book is for you!

Example:  Chapter 2, To catch the fire flies!

In this chapter it talks about a father who is a work-o-holic and is running late to a big meeting!  He had his 8-9 yr old son in the car with him.  While driving on a 2-lane stretch of highway, he suddenly, he hits the brakes, pulls over, gets out of his car and goes to the trunk.  His son was confused because the car and it's tires seemed fine.  His father comes back, taps on the window with a glass jar in had, and says come on!  They both go running into the field, wing tip shoes and all!  For what seems like forever, they are scooping bugs and fire flies with their bare hands, having a good ole time.  His some puts some grass in the jar.  His father pokes a couple of holes in the lid and carry the container back to the car like a trophy!  His some had a huge smile on his face.  What made his father decide at that moment to pull over and do this, his son doesn't know!  Perhaps it was memories of his past, or heaven speaking to him, but his son will never forget it!

The point of this story:  Never miss the chance to stop and make a memory!  Sometimes you may even want to orchestrate those memories yourself.

There are 52 lessons like this in this book!  Like learning to not get angry because you children dented you new garage door!  That would be because there are many places your kids could be, and god only knows with who.  His kids and their friends found their house and their home environment so comfortable, that they actually choose to play ball at home instead of gallivanting!  

Point of this story:  Your kids grow up fast!  They will be gone before you know it!  After that, there will be plenty of time to re-sod, re-paint, re-screen, re-carpet, and relax!

This is a must read for any father that wants to be a better and memorable father!!
2 thumbs up!

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